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EEOC Focuses On Need for Agency Reps To Stay Out Of EEO Investigations

Apr 2, 2019 11:41:45 AM / by Deryn A. Sumner, Esq. posted in federal hr & eeo law training, eeo investigations, agency reps


Those of us who have been practicing before the EEOC for many years remember when the Commission turned its attention to agencies that failed to complete investigations within the 180-day regulatory timeframe and issued default judgments in the Cox and Royal cases. Key in these decisions was the idea that failing to timely investigate these claims undermined the integrity of the EEO process. In 2018, the Commission again turned its focus towards upholding the integrity of the EEO process by issuing sanctions where agencies improperly interfered with EEO investigations by representing and advising responsible management officials.

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So An Employee Has Requested Telework As A Reasonable Accommodation

Mar 27, 2019 4:11:28 PM / by Deryn A. Sumner, Esq. posted in reasonable accommodation, telework, federal hr & eeo law training


Many federal workplaces encourage the use of telework for all employees, regardless of whether they have a disability or medical condition. And some federal workplaces actively discourage the use of telework, for reasons of confidentiality, national security, or simply managerial preference. We’ve seen the pendulum swing back and forth in recent years on telework. Although once actively discouraged, workplaces in the private and federal sector moved towards encouraging remote work to reduce commuting time for employees and to save on office space.

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